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When Do Big Muscles Become Too Big For Your Body?

big musclesMost of the time, seeing male or female bodybuilders with bulky muscles create unrealistic expectations of what occurs while trying to build muscle mass. The concept of “too big” comes from the assumption that overworking the muscles will reach that point without steroids. Even at a healthy rate, a man’s body only gains up to 0.11 kg of muscle each week, giving plenty of time before you reach a level that is unsuitable for your frame. There are several ways to make sure you attain an acceptable level of muscle without going overboard.

No Steroids

The first step towards keeping your muscle gain at a healthy level is to stay away from steroids. Many sports and competitions prohibit the use of steroids because of the unfair advantage and health risks. The only way a man or woman can become too bulky for their frame is by abusing steroids to achieve an exaggerated effect. However, there are ways to build healthy muscle that is proportional to your body.

Lower Body Fat Percentage

Regardless of the amount of muscle you obtain, the best way to make muscle stand out is through eliminating excess fat in your body. Weight loss helps to define lean or bulky muscles without looking awkward on your frame. Choosing a routine with cardio exercises and a diet with limited sugars is a healthy way of dropping those pounds.

Work Harder

This may sounds like a contradiction to your goal, but if you resist putting forth the effort needed to build strong muscle, it will take longer to achieve the effect you desire. The only action you need to take towards preventing unwanted muscle gain is to stop working to increase muscle mass once you reach it. All of your exercise before that point should focus on pushing your muscles harder. This method is effective, regardless of gender. The only way to exceed the proper amount of bulk is to begin taking steroids at that point.

Depends on the Person

Technically speaking, your muscles will not become too big for your body, as long as you omit the use of steroids and do not have a rare medical condition that affects your muscles. To reach the level of bulk you want on your frame, work hard to achieve the right size with diet and exercise. If you feel your muscles are at the point you desire, focus on exercises that help you maintain your weight. The most important opinion in your journey is your own.