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Pain Control: Techniques and Treatments

Are you experiencing some pain symptoms?  There are specific things that you can do in order to relieve your pain symptoms.  First and foremost, before you start swallowing pills such as tramadol, co-codamol or codeine, you will need to understand the causes of your pain and then  buy the appropriate treatment.

Quality of Life Pain Tests

One of the best indicators of low quality of life pain scale is a chronic pain that could be hurting you in the long run.   There are many causes of chronic pain including cancer, arthritis, injury and other things.   What are some things that influence your pain scale?

  • Your ability to socialize with others
  • Your ability to perform everyday tasks at your job
  • Your ability to exercise frequently
  • Your overall mood throughout the day
  • Your functional fitness, or your ability to do day to day tasks around the house

When you do feel pain once, it’s not a major sign.  It could be that you slept wrong in the morning, or that your body is adjusting to a new age, however, when you experience the pain to the point where it causes every day frustration – then we do recommend consulting a doctor.  You may also want to rate your pain as well.

For example, if you rate your pain scale as a 0, this could ultimately mean that you like to stay in bed all day and feel hopeless about the future prospects of your life.  An 8 means that you probably carry on life as usual, but maybe once or twice a year, there is a pain that may prevent you from performing the activity that you want to.

Diagnosing Your Pain

We always recommend the guidance of a doctor.  There are some things that you may have to go through so that the causes of your pain can be identified right away. Failure to get your pain diagnosed at once can actually lead to long-term effects and probably life threatening ailments spreading throughout your body.

MRI – If you are feeling a discomfort in your body, then you may want to consider getting a magnetic resonance imaging done on your body.  This type of imaging is actually much different than an x-ray because it does not use the any type of x-ray radiation.  Instead, it depends on a large magnet and a series of  sound waves to produce images.  These MRI’s do not take that long.  CT scan are another diagnostic tool  used to discover the underlying causes of pain.  This scans you with a special type of radio wave and may an injection of a contrast material which will help identify the specific parts of the body  when the doctor is observing the end image.

EMG – EMG’s are also very popular procedures in which the activity of the muscles are observed by using extremely fine needles.  These needles are inserted into the muscle to measure the response of the muscle from the brain or spinal cord.  If you do not like needles, rest assure, there are other methods that can be conducted.

Ultrasound Imaging – This type of imaging can diagnose your pain by using high frequency sound waves in order to obtain images inside of the body.  The sound wave images are recorded real time and use impressive real-time visuals so that you can see immediately what is going on.

Medical Pain Control

There are different types of pain relief medications used to control pain and we have all used OTC medications like aspirin and paracetamol at some time and these will do the job for everyday aches and pain.  But to treat more serious pain of a chronic or acute nature something stronger is required.  Paracetamol in particular is often combined with codeine to take moderate to sever pain.  The combination is known as co-codamol 500/30 and is available in the UK as a generic or in various brands such as solpadol and kapake.

Talk to Your Doctor About Co-Codamol 500/30

Co-Codamol 500/30 is one of the more potent prescriptions out there which is why it is available on prescription online.  However, you can buy co-codamol online from a  registered pharmacy in the UK.  If you do not have a doctor’s prescription, you can complete an online consultation which will be reviewed by a GMC registered doctor who can then issue you with an electronic prescription.  This can be filled by the registered pharmacy.  The doctor will need to know if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, have liver problem, low blood pressure, adrenal or thyroid gland problems, or are taking other medicines that may interact negatively with the ingredients of co-codamol.

If you order co-codamol from a licensed UK pharmacy, you can get delivery the next day.  I ordered mine online and it was delivered the next day.

Understanding Back Pain

Back pain is by far the most common injury for people of all ages. Whether you’ve taken a fall down the stairs or if you’ve pulled a muscle by improperly opening a door, it’s simply a fact of life. Although it is quite common, back pain is also one of the most painful types of pain that you can experience. Understanding the condition and how it can be repaired is essential to restoring comfort to your life once again although you made need to take strong prescription painkillers in the beginning such as co-codamol.

What Causes Back Pain?

There are several different types of injuries that can affect your back. Considering that there are 33 bones and several types of tissue throughout the entirety of your back, there’s a high chance for injury in any of these areas. In some instances, back pain can be more complex than a simple pulled muscle though usually it’s as a result of muscle strains, accidents, or sports injuries.

How to Diagnose Back Pain

Typically you’ll be able to tell whether your back is experiencing discomfort, though your doctor will take further steps to truly diagnose the issue. They will be sure to take a physical exam to see if they can find the causing factor as well as conducting x-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans. All of these medical imaging procedures are designed to identify certain conditions, deterioration of nerve roots, or issues in the structure of your spine.

Types of Back Injury

There are several ways that you can injure your back, but there are 2 main injuries reported by patients: spondylolisthesis and cervical radiculopathy. With spondylolisthesis it’s typically as a result of slipped vertebrae whereas cervical radiculopathy is as a result of nerve damage in the cervical area of the spine. This could result in the loss of feeling in your arms, shoulders, or neck.

Treatments for Back Pain

Once your doctor has sufficiently diagnosed the cause of your back pain, they may offer various treatments ranging from pain medications to surgery. Anti-inflammatories are the most common treatment for back pain as they help to reduce the swelling in the muscles. In the case of severe pain you might even be prescribed strong prescription painkillers such as codeine.  These cannot be bought online in most countries although in the UK you can buy codeine from certain highly regulated online pharmacies.  You might also be prescribed rounds of physical therapy to help restore the function of your back to have an increased range of mobility. In severe cases, surgery may be required to repair damage to your spine, such as a decompressive laminectomy or surgical fusion. The main objective of treating back pain is to eliminate the pain entirely and restore mobility.